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Distinctive Italy wedding reviews

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Kind Words

Kind words

Learn more about our planning style

Distinctive Italy wedding reviews

Freena & Harrison

Freena & Harrison
Working with Stefania was wonderful – both over the 13 months of planning and most especially during the 4 days at Il Borro. She kept us calm, kept everything in order, and was able to handle all our many questions from “can we have an elephant” to “can we change just one more thing” up to the day of the wedding. So much went into planning each and every day and every last detail of every last event, and Stefania guided us through the process seamlessly. We simply cannot even begin to imagine what things would have been like without her and we cannot thank her enough.

Erica & Siddharth

Erica & Siddharth

Thank you for the well wishes! For the last few weeks, we've been reveling in the wonderful memories from our wedding!! A BIG thank you to Rosanna for all of her support early in our wedding planning journey - you helped us work through many early decisions, like the location,venue selection, budget, etc!  Your expertise (andorganization!) was extremely valuable!

 And a BIG thank you to Jacopo and Junko - it was wonderful working with you both!  You both are the utmost professionals, and we appreciate you helping us bring our multicultural wedding vision to life!  Our families and guests were blown away - it was everything we wanted and more for our weekend! 

 Overall, we thought DIW provided outstanding services - they took the time to understand the vision we had for our wedding, and remained flexible as we worked through the various parts of the event. 

We appreciated their guidance especially in working through the venue selection, and food & beverage and decor proposals - they were committed to helping us find the best setting for our event, as well as best food, beverage, and decor selections in our budget.  The service they provided during the event itself was also incredible - we felt the events were executed excellently, and they responded to last minute requests / unexpected changes well. 

We were extremely satisfied with the venue and the vendor selection - all of the services provided exceeded our expectations!!  We felt that each of the vendors was willing to work with us in bringing to life our vision, in a way that respected our budget. They also were very familiar with Indian traditions and style, which allowed us to celebrate both our Indian and Italian cultures fully. Here are a few specific highlights:

  • Venue / Il Ciocco:  Cinzia was wonderful - she was super responsive and willing to work with us at every step!  The venue provided outstanding customer service (and a beautiful setting for our wedding!) - our guests were very happy with their stays and enjoyed connecting with each other throughout the weekend!
  • Food:  Delicious Indian food!  Several of our guests commented that it was the best Indian food they've had outside of India.
  • Lighting & Music /:  The lighting especially exceeded our expectations!  Both the piazza and the auditorium were stunning - we created two unique ambiances!
  • Decor / Alessandro:  Alessandro's decor was beautiful!!  He far exceeded our expectations with every event - we felt like every event was unique and provided a magical experience for our guests!  Multiple guests commented that the Italian night was something they had never experienced before and it belonged on Pinterest!!
  • Photography / Cristiano:  Cristiano + his team were very fun to work with!  The photos are lovely, and I especially liked that he recommended both traditional and more creative shots!
  • Priest / - the ceremony reflected Malayali traditions and was very meaningful!  We especially liked how he explained every step of the ceremony - many of our Indian guests shared that this was unique and even they better understood many aspects of the ceremony! The Hindu ceremony - the location, decor, priest - was a highlight of the weekend!

I would highly recommend DIW to others, especially multicultural or Indian couples. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future!

& Steve

Sasha & Steve

Amalfi Coast Wedding

 Hi DIW Team! 

Thanks so much, Jacopo! And apologies for the delay here – 

We love you all, and there are no words to express how grateful we are for you. I don't want to cry again, but we truly couldn't have done this without you... We are in awe of your team and I've been referring DIW to every random person that's reached out to me on Instagram asking about our wedding! 

Please see our review below in blue, which we've submitted on Wedding Wire +  Google per your request! I wish I could've submitted the reviews with wedding photos, but as you know we're still waiting for them from Gianni's team. 

Sasha & Steve

If anyone can make dreams come true, it's Distinctive Italian Weddings.
I cannot stress this enough – DIW planners have everything covered and you are in THE very best of hands throughout the entire process. As someone who has planned and executed high-brow events at work, I went into this knowing that we needed a wedding planner who thought 10 steps ahead and anticipated every one of our needs along with a strong contingency plan... DIW thinks 20 steps ahead! Planning a wedding during the pandemic in nine months from abroad is no easy task, but DIW made everything easy for us. From day one, Rosanna understood our wedding vision and was so diligent about bringing us a range of solutions for our most important day. While our wedding was small (54 guests), we wanted to do it in a big way so we planned a 3-day wedding weekend with DIW. Our main planners, Jacopo & Simona, were an absolute godsend – Extremely responsive, meticulous, professional, knowledgeable. Jacopo is incredibly skilled and made us feel at ease during every step of the process... Jacopo's acumen (wedding and beyond) is truly outstanding. Upon our arrival in Italy, he prioritized each of our asks no matter how big or small; he was there to answer every one of our questions and made sure nothing got lost in translation. The DIW Team was SO accommodating and took care of everything for all of our guests including our grandmother and two young nieces. Concerned with rain on your wedding day? No issue – It rained for about 20 minutes in the evening right before dinner, so we had to pivot quickly and shift one location of our reception indoors... Jacopo seamlessly handled this; none of our guests even noticed so we were able to relax and enjoy the moment with all of our friends and family. Our wedding day was outrageously beautiful in every way... This team truly puts love into everything they do, and it meant the world to us to have a reliable, trustworthy, and gracious team right there with us. Bravo DIW – We love you!!! We cannot thank you enough.


Stephanie & Benjamin

Wedding in Amalfi

Sorry for the delay! We just got back from our honeymoon this past week and have been adjusting to getting back into the realities of life! What can we say?! Everyone is STILL talking about how amazing the wedding was, and how special they felt to be a part of something so wonderful. I feel like it was a fairytale wedding in the location of my dreams, and cannot thank you enough for making that happen! Despite being during a pandemic, in the busiest time...ever for travelers in Amalfi Italy, you helped make that happen, and we couldn't be more grateful for you. Your experience, expertise, and kindness was just what I needed to make this happen, and it definitely wouldn't have been possible without you or the team at DIW! 

When I think back to the wedding week, my favorite part was most definitely the wedding day itself. It meant so much to not even have the wedding in the location of my dreams, but to have all my friends and family around to share in that special moment, made it even better. I don't think I've cried so much in my life (happy tears, of course!!

But man, did the speeches get me!!) The Duomo was breathtaking, and I couldn't be happier with the ceremony and how everything turned out! I felt honored to be in such a beautiful cathedral. What a dream!! And the NH Convento was the perfect location based on what I wanted--a separate location for the ceremony, aperitivo, the dinner and reception. The Terrace was the talk of the guests, as it is in my opinion, one of the best, and most surprising views of Amalfi!

The service from the staff was wonderful (despite our hiccups with them and lack of response from their management early on, they made up for it on the wedding day itself) I really appreciated that as soon as they saw us, they handed glasses of prosecco, and one of the guys offered me some food to make sure I was taken care of. I also appreciated that they served Ben and I first for all of the courses at dinner, making us feel special and like a King and Queen. I really appreciate them offering two main course options as we were pretty evenly split among food choices for the guests. I also appreciate them making a layered wedding cake for us, and it was SO delicious! Thank you for bringing the sparklers, they were that extra special touch at cake cutting! We got so many compliments on the DJ and I loved the accompaniment of the sax , the only downfall being the guests wished they had MORE time to dance! But I know we were running behind schedule, and the town of Amalfi is very strict on music hours!   

My hair and makeup were PERFECTION! I felt so beautiful that day, and I don't know HOW my makeup stayed on after all that crying, but they worked some magic! Alessandro made me feel like such a Queen! So many brides are the most nervous about hair and makeup, but these guys are the BEST! I trusted them, and they made me look and feel like a star. And I cannot tell you how perfect the flowers were. The bouquet looked identical to the picture I showed you originally, and the main table was breathtaking. I was so nervous about going with a unique color palette different from the usual white or blush flowers, but I am SO glad I did. I've never seen a flower display more beautiful in my life, nor did I think a lot of the guests have either! As far as the photos and video goes....Wow! That was SO fast!! They are so beautiful! I thought it would be months before we got them, but what a special surprise!! I cannot wait to share them with everyone!!! I loved working with Gianni and his team, and even the guests loved his personality!! He made a very emotional and nerve wrecking day, a LOT more fun! Altogether, I could not have imagined a better photographer and videographer, better hair and makeup artists, a better florist, or a better reception location. You took all the pieces of my dream and put them together perfectly! Thank you Thank you!!

And the boat day! Despite having some slight issues of Ben and I not being able to be there on time from Naples, and the guests not being able to get on the boat for an hour, I will say....this event was a favorite for a lot of the guests! I don't think people expected to have the boat to ourselves and a boat as big and beautiful as it was. The open Bar and the DJ brought this experience to the next level! This was the perfect first event for everyone to get to know each other, and boy, did we have a BLAST!! The floats were worth all the trouble, because people LOVED them! And the fact that we were able to stop and go swimming was amazing! I originally thought we were going to be able to go swimming in some caves, so I was a little sad that wasn't able to happen, but we still had a great time and the guests wouldn't have known any different. 

The welcome dinner was perfection! Everyone was obsessed with how delicious the food was at Trattoria Da Lorenzo, especially the gnocchetti. The service was top notch, and there was definitely not a lack of food! I was so grateful they were able to decorate the tables with some lemons to add that extra special touch. What a great family, and delicious food! Having the garden to start with and the terrace to have dinner on made the dinner even more special and unique. Wouldn't have wanted the welcome dinner at any other location! 

Overall, I am SO happy with how everything went…. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for making this dream happen for Ben and myself. I really could not have done it without you. I can only imagine how stressful this type of work can be, and you dedicate so many hours to making sure all the details come together for so many couples around the world! Just amazing!! You are the best! :) 

I am sad this journey has to come to an end, but grateful for every moment of it! Wishing you all the best!! 

& Javi

Andreina & Javi

DIW is an incredible company with a kind, professional and capable team that can make any wedding dreams come true.

From the beginning of the process, we were helped to find our dream venue by Rosanna (one of the founders of DIW), connected with professional vendors, and felt the peace of mind of knowing our wedding was in fantastic hands.

Our wedding planner Jacopo was dedicated, dependable, and so sweet to us during this entire planning process. His work ethic is unmatched and his attention to detail is amazing. He made the best day of our lives possible and we are so so grateful.

Jaime & John

Jaime & John

Wedding in Tuscany

Hi all! We are finally back in NY after a long 26 days in Europe lol 🥰 We just wanted to say thank you again for everything. It was the most beautiful day along with a beautiful experience getting to work with you all! The number one question that many people have asked was, “how the hell did you manage to book a wedding in Italy?” The answer was always simply, we could not have done it without our team who guided us throughout the entire process! Reflecting back on the journey, it was so easy to plan the perfect day all thanks to your professional help and patience. In all of those categories, we would give a 5! We will gladly recommend your services to anyone else who wishes to have a magical wedding in Italy. We will keep in touch and we cannot wait to see and share the pictures when Caterina and Leonardo send them💖

Love always,
Jaime & John Anthony💖💖

Kia and Puja

Indian and Persian wedding in Tuscany

Hi Stefania and Rosanna, 

So sorry for the extreme delay in sending this email. It has been a crazy summer! We had other international weddings to attend and have lately been dealing wih covid. But we are watching all the weddings you guys are putting on, everything looks great and I'm sure you have many happy couples!

So, here we go! 

First and foremost, thank YOU for all of your hard work. We know this is a really crazy wedding season, and in some ways I think couples can't realize how big these wedding productions are until they actually experience one from the inside! We know you have been very busy so we appreciate all of the effort from you. It was also great to work with Junko, Rafaella, and Simona—any time we saw them during an event, we felt a little better knowing we had someone to help us with anything that came up. Stefania, in particular, we really felt like you advocated for us and we always felt comfortable working with you. And we know our wedding corresponded with your daughter's birthday—we really know this is a hard job that involves lots of sacrifices and dedication! 

Kia and Puja

Again…. we can't thank you enough for all the hard work! We would never, ever be able to pull off anything like this without your entire staff. The only issues we'd like to note is that there were a few times that the scheduling seemed to get a little chaotic. We know we had many complicated events, so that may have played a part. But in general we really felt the warmth and care from Stefania and the team. 

Thank you,
Kia and Puja

Kana and Akash

Kana & Akash

Lake Como Wedding

Sorry for the delayed response – we were travelling and just came back from our honeymoon.

The wedding was absolutely fantastic and truly was the wedding of our dreams. Thank you so much for you and your team’s hard work and dedication putting this weekend together. Our guests also had a really great time and enjoyed every aspect of the weekend. I was particular astonished at the attention to detail from all the vendors. We had so many different requests and they met all of them.

It really was a magical weekend – we wish that we could relive it all over again!

There were so many great aspects to the wedding, that I can’t list them all! The floral designs were really special and Alessandro and his team did a fantastic job. The table designs on both days were absolutely stunning. Alessio (the celebrant) was also really good and many of the guests pointed out how good he was. I also was surprised by how good the Indian classical music was.

Again, please pass on our thanks to all the vendors. They did a fantastic job.

Thank you so much again!
Kana and Akash

Crystal and John

Crystal & John

Lake Como Wedding

Sorry for the delayed response – we were travelling and just came back from our honeymoon.

The wedding was absolutely fantastic and truly was the wedding of our dreams. Thank you so much for you and your team’s hard work and dedication putting this weekend together. Our guests also had a really great time and enjoyed every aspect of the weekend. I was particular astonished at the attention to detail from all the vendors. We had so many different requests and they met all of them.

Natalie & Dane

Vill Cipressi - Lake Como wedding

As I am sure Rita told you, everything for the wedding events (from the welcome dinner, the boat and the wedding ceremony and reception) were absolutely PERFECT!! Everything went so smoothly and was exactly as we envisioned it! All of the vendors did a phenomenal job, especially the florist and the welcome dinner restaurant (Ristorante Alle Darsene di Loppia) - can you please send me their email addresses so I can thank them directly? Villa Cipressi and Marco and team were also amazing, I have already thanked them personally.

Quite frankly, I would rate you and your team top across the board. I am more than happy to act as a reference for you and your team!

Natalie and Dane
Amanda & Chad

Amanda & Chad

Amalfi Coast wedding

We wanted to thank you both so, so much for planning the most spectacular and amazing day. I got worried with the thunderstorm but everything was perfect! Thanks for hanging around the whole night too to make sure things went smoothly... Kaitlyn keeps talking about how Stefania saved the day with a safety pin for her dress :D

Absolutely top for everything - I was worried about doing everything remotely but really couldn't be happier with the outcome. I might be biased but those FLOWERS were the most beautiful arrangements I've seen at a wedding. And of course you both were always responsive and helpful and full of useful tips and suggestions. Beautiful venue... I only wish I had been more hungry bc I didn't really enjoy much of the food at all. Too overwhelmed.

Thanks again!!

Gaby & Alex

Gaby & Alex

Wedding in Florence

We rate our experience with Distinctive Italy a 5star. We felt our wedding was the most beautiful wedding we have ever been to and it would not have been the same without you all. Simona, was extremely helpful through the entire process and we rarely had to stress about anything.All the vendors were amazing! Overall, it was perfect. Thank you all so much for everything! 

Lauren & Frank

Tuscany Wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro

Ciao Junko,

I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you - we were enjoying our honeymoon and time slipped away from us.

Thank you so so much for everything - we had an amazing time and a beautiful wedding, all thanks to you and your team!

It was so nice to work with you all as well! You truly made everything extra special!! Everything was absolutely perfect!!

Thanks again for all of your help with making our most special day absolutely perfect!

Best regards,

Lauren & Frank
Hannah & Derek

Hannah & Derek

Wedding at Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

Hi Stefania!

Sorry, I am getting back to you so late :) I think I am just now fully recovered from the honeymoon! Everything was great and better than expected. Especially the florals - they were absolutely wonderful. I wish I could have just sat in the Tea Room for a little while looking at them! Everyone loved the food at Cimbrone and kept saying how it is the best wedding food they have ever had! I think overall everything went seamlessly. Thank you so much for everything you did! I would definitely recommend Distinctive :)

Lydia & Jason

Wedding in Tuscany

DIW were excellent start to finish. Personable, quick, helpful and lots of fun. We married at Borgo Corsignano in Tuscany and they totally got our vision, understood our budget and always found solutions. They have exceptional suppliers who all were wonderful - hugely recommend.

Follow @_lydslife for wedding pics / videos and stories to get a sense of what DIW created.

Special thanks to Rosanna and Jacopo who were great!

Lydia and Jason

Shayoni & Bhargav

Shayoni and Bhargav

Lake Como Indian wedding

Hi Stefania, hope you had some time to rest 🥰

 Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything!! You truly made this event happen from day 1. The event truly was a dream come true.   We had so much fun and it went by so fast.

The pictures look great. Thank you so much for all your efforts in making this event a success. It truly was the wedding of our dreams!!

We are truly so thankful for everything you and the team did for us.