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Vow Renewals in Italy

Catholic weddings in Italy

A Vow Renewal in Italy is designed to celebrate your marriage, anniversary and union. It is intended for those who have already been married, and allows the couple to renew their promise to each other. Italian vow renewals celebrate the past as well as look towards the future. Since there are no legalities involved you are free to create the event of your dreams in any of Italy’s stunning surroundings. They can be religious or non-religious, depending on your preferences.  We can have a Protestant pastor come to your location and perform a vow renewal ceremony in a garden, a magnificent villa or castle.

Often included as part of an anniversary trip, Italian vow renewals are filled with great meaning and can be personalized however you may wish. Based on your preferences, we will help you select the right location and services. A photo shoot can immortalize the celebration of your years together in one of Italy’s most gorgeous locations!

Vow renewals in Italy cannot take place in civil wedding halls with the exception of Verona which makes several of its beautiful civil locations available to you.